My name is Jessica Brutzman. I am a licensed Realtor in California and Michigan. I have extensive experience in many areas of the sales industry. Networking and referrals are key to building business in my line of work. Through many volunteer opportunities, I have found that I have a passion for helping others benefit from the resources around them in the local community. Professionally, I have learned to be self-motivating and hold myself accountable for the work that needs to get done. Personally, I am continually growing and learning from new experiences and challenges on a daily basis. The only way to be successful is to stay positive and reinforce confidence in myself and those around me. 
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Jessica Brutzman

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“May this home be blessed. May good fortune follow those who pass through this door. May this floor lighten the steps of all who tread upon its surface and also provide a stable place to stand. May these walls soak in the rich sounds of laughter and loving, and offer protection from the fiercest winds. May this roof hold strong and these roots sink deep. This is home: A place of safety and joy, a place to rest and create, a place for me.”

– Unknown